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i_! Brand ambassadors

Victor Taveras


What's Success to you?

"I feel being successful brings happiness along.  Success as in I don’t have to worry about getting things that I want . Being without hesitating and overall loving my life." 

Why I_! ?

"I like how the brand is about helping others become better versions of themselves. I appreciate that it’s about positivity because being around people who think positively is in general a better vibe. I like that the brand became something because  my cousin,Coach Keuz,  so involved and working hard..." 


King Vic Facts

  • student @ University at Albany. 
  •  love time with friends because it’s always new and fun memories. 
  • favorite sport is football
  • only child.
  • As a child I was obsessed with LEGOs which inspired me to become an architect .
  •  I am now involved with business. 
  • The type of music I love and always listen to is Hip Hop/ Rap.

Dominique Layne



What's Success to you?

"Success to me is finding fulfillment in life that comes from within. So my success would be ultimate peace and to know I’ve helped the world in some way. Even if it’s just one ☝🏽 person."

Why I_! ?

"a. I love that it’s something positive, it’ll ultimately up-bring up people (transform)(transcend)

 b.The brand name poppin 

c. The developer is awesome" 


Queen Budhaflai Facts

  • raised in West Orange & Orange, NJ. 
  •  3 older brothers , and a younger sister.
  • many interests and I’m learning my focus.
  •  student currently @ Caldwell U transferring to Bloomfield College. 
  • 5’6 
  • I love to play instruments , produce and be involved in entertainment.

Happy Rimpel


What's success to you?

"being active, playing with people, marking new territories. 

Why i_! ?

Coach Keyz, travel, and the overall lifestyle.


Happy Facts 

  • born in Westbury raised in Brooklyn,NY
  •  7.5.15  Birthdate Cancer 
  • Lab/PIt mix 
  • loves playing in nature 
  • star of Happy Hour TV